The University of Iowa

On Iowa! Scavenger Hunt


  • Pick up a Scavenger Hunt Pack from the Welcome Desk at the IMU, download a PDF, or use the clues below.
  • Review the clues and complete 10 of the photo challenges (by yourself or with friends)
  • Send a single email with photos of the completed challenge to
  • All submissions should include the following in your entry email (for all team members):
    • First and last name(s)
    • UIowa email(s)
    • Residence hall address(s)
  • Submission deadline: Sunday, August 25 at 5:00PM
  • Prize: A goodie basket for the winning team and a pizza party for the winner’s residence hall floor


The clues below will take you to some fun spots on campus. You might need to find a unique mark on a building, explore one of our museums, or cross the street to explore downtown Iowa City. Once you have completed the task or solved the puzzles below, snap a photo (feel free to include your smiling faces). Complete 10 puzzles to be entered to win!

  • You can catch me but I can’t catch you! I am 12 feet tall and weigh 2 tons and have been hanging out in the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History since 1985. Come find me and let’s take a selfie!
  • When the state of Iowa was admitted into the United States, this is where official state business was conducted. Now you can find historic artifacts and a great gift shop or stop in front for a classic Hawkeye photo op.
  • I represent what it means to be a Hawkeye! You can find me a sporting events cheering on our Hakweyes or just hanging around campus in my cap & gown.   
  • Need some extra help or good luck on your next big exam? Students have been rubbing this sculpture for good luck since 2011.  
  • Are you coming to a Hawkeye Football game this fall? I am a former Heisman Trophy winner, WWII hero and will be greeting you at the front gates.
  • Come discover and explore a diverse collection art from all over the world. There are over 15,500 objects for you to enjoy for FREE!
  • Where can you find fun new shops to explore, restaurants to try and coffee shops enjoy?
  • Name the three scientists on the south side of Maclean.
  • Schaeffer hall was named in honor of whom?
  • What animal is carved directly above the North entrance of Macbride Hall?
  • The plaque in front of Calvin Hall states that the University of Iowa was the first university to do what?
  • A bench in the Pappajohn courtyard (dedicated for Schuster) has what quote on it?
  • What is the small round sculpture say on the N. Side of the English-Philosophy Building?
  • What words are carved above the front doors of Halsey Hall?
  • Behind Halsey Hall, what is the garden called and when was it made?
  • What year is on the cornerstone of the Adler Journalism Building?
  • What year is on the cornerstone of the Becker Communications Building?
  • What year is carved above the doors of the Danforth Chapel?
  •   Where can you find a place to swim, climb a wall, run a few miles or enjoy a yummy smoothie?
  • Show us your favorite spot at your new home, the University of Iowa! Take a photo somewhere on campus with a few new friend! We are excited to see how you are spending your first few days as a Hawkeye!